Sunday, August 15, 2004

Khatami Says Iranian Foreign Policy Is Based On Non-Interference and Détente

Description of Selected News: "Khatami Says Iranian Foreign Policy Is Based On Non-Interference and Détente

TEHRAN (MNA) -- Expounding on Iranian foreign policy President Mohammad Khatami said Saturday that Iranian foreign policy is based on détente and non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of forum attended by Iranian ambassadors abroad Khatami underlined the significance of public opinion and said that overlooking this reality will isolate Iran and prevent it from taking advantage of the modern world's benefits.

Khatami said only a government will survive that realizes the people’s aspirations, a report released by the Public Relations Department of the Presidential Office said.

Turning to recognition of the new system during Iran's glorious Islamic Revolution, the president said that the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran called for democracy, freedom and development in line with religious principles.

This indicates that religion supports democracy, social development and justice, he added.

"Based on the new system, diplomacy is defined as the relation between the government and other nations aiming to protect national interests and promote security," he added as quoted by IRNA.

Reiterating the need for active presence in the international scene, he noted that to do so it is necessary to become powerful.

Khatami said a weak country can hardly benefit by establishing ties with other states.

He added that real democracy, technology, dynamic economy and public opinion are among the most important factors contributing to power in today's world.

"Knowledge, technology and a strong economy are indispensable for survival in today's world," he added.

"The role of `public opinion' is so crucial that the even biggest world powers need to influence public opinion in their own favor in order to justify their misdeeds including occupying other countries’ lands, suppress innocent people, and even do state-sponsored terrorism.

The president said that Iran should seek access to advanced technology and progressive economy by having an active presence in the global market.

"We are set to establish a new ruling system based on understanding for a democratic system. We wish to present our own indigenous democratic model advocating for enforcement of religious rules," he added.

Khatami further added that Iran supports the oppressed people in the world without interfering in other countries’ internal affairs.

Lauding the resistance of the Palestinian people, he said that Iran's policy on Afghanistan and Iraq is based on detente and stability. -------Majlis Speaker Says Tehran's Policy Based On Defending Self-Identity

Majlis speaker Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel also said Tehran's policy is based on defending self-identity, national security and national interests.

Addressing the same gathering on Saturday, Haddad-Adel said the 7th Majlis eyes expansion of international relations and would try to help the Foreign Ministry in its bid for this purpose.

Haddad-Adel stressed the need for Iranians to identify their position and identity worldwide, saying that national identity covers an extensive and great realm in the country.

He said religion is the cause of unity in Iran and the country's foreign policy should be designed based on the same notion.

"The Islamic Revolution triumphed in Iran in light of strong link between religion and policy; the key to our power and strength is combination of religion and government as well as religion and policy," said Haddad-Adel.

He said the defense of national identity, wise approach, identification of interests and preservation of dignity are the specifications of Tehran's diplomacy.

The 7th Majlis might have its own views on the economic and political issues but the views should not harm national strength, added the speaker."


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