Saturday, August 07, 2004

Iranian Diplomat Calls Iran's Nuclear Program Peaceful

Description of Selected News: "Iranian Diplomat Calls Iran's Nuclear Program Peaceful

MOSCOW (IRNA) -- Iran's nuclear program is peaceful and nuclear cooperation between Tehran and Moscow is concentrated on its peaceful application, said Iran's Ambassador to Russia Gholam-Reza Shafei on Saturday.

In an exclusive interview with website, Shafei said that Iran-Russia close cooperation began after the disintegration of former Soviet Union and is restricted to construction of an atomic power plant in Bushehr. He underlined that the military doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran is against making use of atomic weapons, adding "we are not after using atomic weapons."

A country's security is not protected by atomic weapons, rather cooperation among countries play a significant role in this regard, said the Iranian diplomat. Elsewhere, in response to a question as to a possible U.S. military invasion of Iran, Shafei stressed, "we are ready to defend our country if America attacks us."

Pointing to world security, the diplomat reiterated that besides the Islamic countries, all countries across the globe should cooperate in restoring world security and stability. Shafei highlighted Iran's determination to combat any type of international terrorism, saying "Iran is a victim of terrorism and a number of Iranian authorities including a president and prime minister were martyred by terrorists."

The U.S. has adopted the double-standard policy in its so called combat against terrorism, he said, adding that it is of no use categorizing terrorism into 'bad and good ones'. In response to a question as to the differences between Iran and the Zionist regime, Shafei underlined “the Israeli regime has occupied others' lands and has also imposed its government upon the people in the occupied lands.”

He went on to say that the Zionist regime has also overlooked the resolutions issued by the United Nations. Besides, it has produced atomic weapons and has not signed up to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Meanwhile, Shafei underlined "the Jews, Christians and Muslims, in our opinion, should enjoy the same share in the government," a reference to the government in the occupied Palestinian lands.

Elsewhere, he referred to Iran's 7,000 year old ancient civilization and termed Iran as a historical country that is appealing to foreign tourists."


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