Saturday, August 07, 2004

Iran To Test-fire Advanced Shahab 3 Missile Soon

Description of Selected News: "Iran To Test-fire Advanced Shahab 3 Missile Soon

TEHRAN (MNA) – Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani announced on Saturday that Iran would soon test-fire the more advanced version of the Shahab-3 missile.

“We will prove the effectiveness of the advanced Shahab-3 missile in the near future,” Shamkhani said at a ceremony commemorating defense correspondents.

He said that Iran should be prepared for the worst case scenario.

The Defense Minister stated that a country can emerge victorious when it prepares itself for the most threatening situation and such a society is definitely safe from threats.

A society which does not prepare itself for threats will meet the fate of Saddam Hussein, he argued.

He stated that there is no country in the world which does not feel threatened and every country faces threats.

Shamkhani also dismissed rumors spread by Israel that Iran’s missile capability is a threat to Europe.

“We have repeatedly announced that Iran is not a threat to any country,” the defense minister asserted.

He said Iran has good relations with the Europeans.

The Europeans also do not consider Iran a threat, but it is the Zionist regime which raises such issues in order to prevent Iran from becoming more powerful, he added.

On the possibility of a U.S. military attack on Iran, Shamkhani said the Islamic Republic will become another Vietnam for the United States if it attacks Iran.

Iran’s strategy is oriented toward defense and meant to provide an effective deterrent, he added.

Shamkhani said that Iran considers the unwelcome foreign forces in the region to be a threat, continually assesses the weight of the threat, and develops its defense capabilities based on that threat, adding that this is the natural right of Iran and its people. Even Sharon Will Not Be Safe If Israel Attacks Iran: Defense Minister

Iran will definitely leave no safe place for Israel and its Premier Ariel Sharon if it attacks Iran, the defense minister added.

“Certainly we will leave no safe place for this regime and Sharon,” Shamkhani told reporters.

The minister said Iran is convinced that Israel is an evil state but this regime faces many serious problems within itself.

These problems have strangulated this regime and its threats against Iran are only meant to divert attention from internal problems.

Shamkhani rejected a speculation by some Arab circles that Iran and Israel have launched a sham war against each other, saying Arabic is much closer to Hebrew than Persian and if there is any sham war, it is between Arabic and Hebrew rather than Persian.

The minister said Israel is so foul that Iran does not even condescend to demand the repayment of some money that this regime is owed to Iran from before the Islamic revolution."


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