Saturday, August 14, 2004

Iran Air plane emergency landings in Athens, Rome

Persian Journal Iran News - Latest Iran News, news Tehran Iranian News persian news web site sport irani news iranians site farsi women sport woman, newspaper football: "Iran Air plane emergency landings in Athens, Rome

An Iranian Airbus 310 from the national flag carrier Iran Air had to make two separate emergency landings in Athens and Rome late Thursday for what has been reported as engine failure. Athens airport officials told IRNA that the Iran Air plane had delivered passengers at the airport at 13:55 local time, and had accordingly taken off for Madrid.

However, they said, the plane had to land again 10 minutes later after developing a failure in one of its engines.
Furthermore, Chief of Iran Air office in Madrid Ali-Akbar Amiri said although the failure had been removed in Athens, the plane had tomake a second emergency landing in Rome after the pilot noticed an engine malfunction.

Amiri said this happened two hours after the plane -- which had 102 passengers and 17 crew aboard -- took off from Athens Airport. He added that all the passengers and the crew of the plane are nharmed, and have been transferred to a hotel in Rome until the failure is removed. "


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