Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Description of Selected News

Description of Selected News: "Jordan Tries To Help Improve U.S.-Iran Ties: Jordanian FM

AMMAN (Xinhuanet) -- Jordan has tried to help improve relations between the United States and Iran in a bid to maintain regional stability, local newspaper Jordan Times reported here Tuesday.

Amman tried to bring point of views between Washington and Tehran closer, particularly on the Iraqi issue, Jordanian Foreign Minister Marwan Moasher was quoted as saying.

"Jordan supports efforts to improve ties between the two countries, but it was not mediating," Moasher told the newspaper.

Jordan's government spokeswoman Asma Khader explained that Muasher's remarks were part of Jordan's efforts to defuse tension in the Middle East. “The country wants to maintain stability in the region and preserve Iraq's unity," the spokeswoman said, adding "bringing the U.S. and Iran closer is one way to help create a stable Middle East."

Washington and Tehran have severed relations since Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution."


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