Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Description of Selected News

Description of Selected News: "Iran Exploits Over 4500 Industrial Plans Annually

Tehran Times Industry Desk
TEHRAN (MNA) -– Industries and Mines Minister Es'haq Jahangiri said here Wednesday that Iran annually exploits 4500-5000 industrial and mining plans, adding that the country implements a similar number of additional plans in these sectors each year.

Speaking in the opening ceremony of the Naflin Sinit processing factory in Kaleibar, East Azerbaijan province, Jahangiri said that there are over 11 thousand industrial and mining plans in the private sector, adding that 20 percent of these plans have gained physical advance.

He went on to say that the timely implementation and exploitation of industrial plans could help save the region from deprivation.

The minister stressed that East Azerbaijan is one of Iran’s significant southwestern provinces due to its potential industrial facilities.

Jahangiri stressed the necessity to privatize mine-processing units including the Naflin Sinit processing factory.

He referred to the establishment of the fund to support mining activities as a very important measure, adding that it would decrease the danger of risks by the private sector in the mines industries.

Expressing pleasure over the expansion of the private sector’s activities to construct industrial and mining units, the minister said that the private sector has signed long-term contracts regarding exports in East Azerbaijan province.

He further referred to the ministry’s measure in granting exploratory loans and importing mining machinery, adding that Iran has allocated the greatest amount of the foreign exchange funds reserves, namely 1.5m dollars, to the mines industries."


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