Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Description of Selected News

Description of Selected News: "Ground Prepared For Australian Investment In Iran: Rowhani

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Hasan Rowhani stressed the importance of delegating power to Iraqi nation and withdrawing of foreign forces to establish stability and security in that country.

Rowhani, in a meeting with Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer in Canberra on Wednesday, pointed to critical situation in Iraq and said the U.S. has weakened long-term cooperation in the region through its policies in Iraq.

"Unilateralism in Iraq proved that such a policy is not capable in settling important regional and international issues. The U.S. attack on the holy cities will result in dire consequences for the United States and peace, stability and security in Iraq.

"The Americans do not know the Iraqi culture and thus committed mistakes such as attacking Najaf," he said.

The U.S. cannot find a place in the hearts of Iraqi nation through soldiers, weapons and military occupation, he added.

The SNSC secretary noted that delay in holding election of National Conference in Iraq would not be in the interest of the country and expressed his concern over postponement of the election in January.

He cited U.S. plan to establish long-term military stations in Iraq as among the American's strategic mistakes and underlined the importance of consultation and cooperation among regional and Iraq's neighboring states.

He warned against the efforts by the Zionist regime to disintegrate Iraq and termed such measures as "very dangerous". The secretary also stressed Tehran's policy of tightening border controls and security.

Pointing to good bilateral relations between Tehran and Canberra, Rowhani said ties between the two countries have great potentials for development and should be utilized to the benefit of both sides.

The sides can boost their relations in various political, economic, industrial, scientific, research and tourism fields, he noted, adding that suitable grounds are prepared for Australian companies to invest in Iran.

"Oil, gas and mines are among important fields for expansion of ties which can consolidate industrial and economic cooperation," he stated.

Downer, for his part, termed bilateral ties between Iran and Australia as good, saying despite some differences, mutual relations are constructive and positive.

The minister appreciated Iran's stance on support for UN resolutions and the Iraqi interim government and expressed regret over postponement of the election of National Conference in Iraq.

He confirmed Iran's policies on the need to safeguard Iraqi territorial integrity and restoration of stability and security in Iraq.

He voiced confidence over Iran's interest in keeping peace, stability and security in Iraq and called for further involvement of Tehran to this effect.

He stressed restoration of peace in Iraq to hold elections as scheduled and ask for UN role in this regard. -------Rowhani Stresses Role Of Parliaments In Expanding Iran-Australia Ties

Rowhani also stressed the eminent role of parliaments in democratic systems and emphasized the role of the two parliaments in expanding Tehran-Canberra ties.

Making the remarks in a meeting with Australian Parliament Speaker Neil Andrew in Canberra Wednesday, he referred to the good ties between the two countries in the past years and said Iran and Australia enjoy good potentials in economic, political, cultural and parliamentary areas to boost relations.

Referring to the new regulations in Iran regarding foreign investments, the SNSC secretary said that the new regulations have paved the way for foreign countries including Australia to make investment in Iran.

Touching upon the issue of terrorism, he believed campaigns against terrorism should be carried out in an in discriminatory manner and within the international scope.

He also said his country's high potentials in the agricultural field could make mutual cooperation in this area possible and expressed his opinion that fighting against terrorism was of particular importance."


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