Saturday, August 28, 2004

Commerce Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari proposesInt'l Trade Ministry

IranMania News: "Int'l Trade Ministry proposed

LONDON, August 28 (IranMania) - Iran's Commerce Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari on Friday proposed the establishment of a Ministry for regulating international economic relations in an effort to harmonize the government's economic activities.
The Minister told ISNA that the Commerce Ministry has not yet put forward the proposal officially, stressing that greater harmony is required among the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the Central Bank of Iran, the State Management and Planning Organization and the Commerce Ministry--which handle most of the country's official economic affairs.
Shariatmadari further noted that the new Ministry could be made up of the Customs Administration, the Foreign Investment Organization, the Trade Development Organization, the Export Guarantee Fund and the Iran Carpet Center.
He predicted that the government's administrative structures would undergo major changes after moderate President Mohammad Khatami's second and last term end next year.
He said the Commerce Ministry has tried its best in the past four years to ameliorate its administrative system and reduce state monopoly on the national economy.
'We have taken positive steps towards reducing the Commerce Ministry staff and reforming the administrative and managerial structures,' he maintained, stressing that the Ministry has managed to make vital decisions regarding supply of the people's basic necessities and improving the procedure of granting state subsidies for basic commodities. "


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