Sunday, August 01, 2004

Biography of Mohammad Reza Aref, First Vice President

: "Biography of Mohammad Reza Aref, First Vice President

Mohammad Reza Aref was born in 1941 in Yazd. He spent hi adolescent years in Yazd and in 1959 won the first prize in the national math competition. A year later, in 1960, he entered Tehran university where he received a B. degree in electrical engineering. Throughout his student days he wa politically active and supported the movement started by late Imam Khomeini until he wa arrested by 'Savak' (the Shah's secret police) in 1963. A scholarship granted by Isfahan' technical university enabled him to start his post-graduate studies in U.S. In 1966 he received his M.S. degree in telecommunications and later in 1970 he completed the Ph.D program at Stanford university. During his stay in U.S.

He was a member of the Muslim students organization and was head of the same organization for a period of one year Before the victory of the 1979 revolution, Aref accompanied late Imam Khomeini to Paris Since the victory of the Islamic revolution, Aref has held a variety of government posts including deputy minister of telecommunications, deputy minister of culture and higher education in charge of students' affairs (1981-1982) and advisor to minister of culture and higher education. Aref was head of Tehran university from November 1984 till 1988. He was endorsed by the parliament as minister of post, telegraph and telephone (PTT) with 246 parliamentary votes out of a total 263."


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