Friday, August 06, 2004

10 Agreements Signed Between Azerbaijan and Iran "10 Agreements Signed Between Azerbaijan and Iran

Baku Today 06/08/2004 14:38

On Thursday Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami had a face-to-face meeting with Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan.

After the meeting behind closed doors, the two Presidents held a board meeting with the participation of governmental delegations, Assa-Irada reported on Friday.

The parties discussed opening of an Azerbaijani consulate in Tabriz, legal status of the Caspian and transportation of Iranian gas to Nakhchivan.

After the board meeting the parties signed several bilateral agreements on cooperation in different fields.

According to the agreement between Azerenergy and Iranian Export Development Bank, the latter will finance the Astara � Alibayramli - Imishli electricity transmission lines. Azerbaijani Gas Company (AzeriGaz) and Iranian National Gas Export Company signed bilateral agreement on exchange of gas fuels.

The parties also signed agreements on mutual understanding and cooperation in the fields of transportation, culture, ecology and borderline trade.

They also signed documents on cooperation between security and law enforcement bodies.

After the meeting the Presidents hold a press briefing for journalists.

Ilham Aliyev told journalists that they discussed several regional and international issues at the face-to-face meeting with Iranian President, ANS reported on Thursday.

Khatami said that the signed agreements prove the development of bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Iran. Iranian President noted that soon Azerbaijan�s consulate will open in Tabriz, Assa Irada reported on Friday. "


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