Friday, July 30, 2004


ZAMAN DAILY NEWSPAPER (2004073010999): "Kharrazi Explains Iran's Trouble: We have many Skilled

A very interesting exchange took place yesterday in Tehran between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian Foreign Minister Kemal Kharrazi.

Erdogan, on the final day of his Iran visit, met with Kharrazi at the Azadi Hotel. The two discussed the development of bilateral relations between the countries, as well as Iran's natural resources.

"You have flour and sugar. So, why do not you make Halva (a sweet pastry)? I think there is no one skilled to do it," expressed Erdogan.

In response Kharrazi said, "On the contrary, we have many who are skilled, that is the reason we cannot do it." In this way, Kharrazi emphasized the internal balances in his country.

"We have to take the balances into consideration to make the things work here. In all the democratic countries, there are some organs that act according to their own democracies. We have to take the balance among them into consideration."

Signal of Contact with TRNC

Erdogan brought Cyprus to the agenda by pointing out that he expected Iran to engage in high-level visits with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Kharrazi, confirming that Iran was aware of the trouble being experienced by the Turkish Cypriots, mentioned that a TRNC Parliamentary Committee would pay a visit to Tehran soon.

Turkcell Given Permission

Meanwhile, Iranian Technology and Information Minister Ahmed Mutedi disclosed that they reached an agreement about Turkcell becoming the second mobile phone operator in Iran. "About this issue, we will give the go ahead for Irancell, which is composed of Turkcell, Ericsson and some Iranian companies," Said Mutedi."


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