Saturday, July 24, 2004

Younessi:Security of world, Iran intertwined

Younessi:Security of world, Iran intertwined: "Younessi:Security of world, Iran intertwined

Gorgan, Golestan prov, July 24, IRNA -- Iran`s Information Minister
Ali Younessi in Gorgan Tuesday said that security can neither be
materialized in the world nor in the region, unless it is established
in Iran.
Speaking at a meeting of Golestan province Administrative
Council, he added that the whole world is aware of such a fact
including the European and regional countries.
He underlined that promotion of security in Iraq, Afghanistan
and the Caspian Sea region will be out of question without Iran`s
cooperation and establishment of security in Iran.
"Given that the regional states have noticed that the security
of Iran and the region are intertwined, today they fully cooperate
with us and are aware of Iran`s exceptional status," he added.
Turning to Iran`s role in Afghanistan and Iraq as two examples of
such collaboration, the minister said that the world has realized
that overlooking Iran`s part in the regional developments will be
detrimental to everyone.
Younessi pointed to Iran`s approach towards Iraq and Afghan
issues as rational, he said,"Fortunately, all the risks likely to
threaten us in connection with Iraq and Afghanistan were eliminated.
"The US attacked Iraq to prove that it possessed weapons of mass
destruction and promote its own type of security in that country.
However, it failed in both cases."
The official said that the enemies intended to attribute the
world extremist terrorist attempts to Iran in order to secure their
own interests.
"However, we managed to establish full security across the nations
and disappoint the enemies," he added.
Referring to Iran`s success in handling the student unrest in
Tehran University dormitory last summer, he said that Iran`s enemies
launched a psychological warfare against the country on the domestic
and international scenes which even caused concern among Iran`s
"Fortunately, the Information Ministry managed to thwart the
enemies attempts through its vigilance.
Concerning the backing of managers by the Ministry of Information,
he referred to them as national assets which should be safeguarded and
underlined their own decisive role to the effect.
He pointed to job security as the prerequisite for success of
every manager and noted that everybody needs job security in order
to succeed.
The minister turned to the dual role of security as medium and
target and said, "Without promoting security in the community,
development and welfare can hardly be materialized. Meanwhile, once
welfare and development are achieved in a community, security will
be unavoidable."
Younessi thanked the services of the outgoing director general of
the provincial information department and introduced his substitute
to the officials attending the meeting."


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