Wednesday, July 07, 2004 Iran Confirms Clash with Turkish Kurd Rebels "Iran Confirms Clash with Turkish Kurd Rebels

Israel is playing a dengerous game by arming and training the Kurds. Turkey has been a good friend to Israel but this may change that. JBOC

Iran confirmed Wednesday that its troops had been clashing with Turkish Kurdish rebels. Iran's deputy interior minister, Ali Asghar Ahmadi, said at least two Iranian soldiers and eight rebels from the group called Kongra-Gel had died in the fighting.
Turkish foreign ministry spokesman Namik Tan told a news conference in Ankara that Iranian officials would be briefing their Turkish counterparts about the operations against the rebels during a joint security committee meeting to be held in the coming days.
Iranian officials say the fighting erupted on June 28 along the rugged mountains separating Iran from Eastern Turkey. Rebel Kongra-Gel sources said 16 Iranian soldiers and four rebels had died in the fighting, that was described by Turkish security officials as part of a 'large scale' operation launched by the Iranian army."


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