Thursday, July 22, 2004

Unlike Majlis, no rejection of popular candidates - Moussavi and Rafsanjani mentioned

Unlike Majlis,no rejection of popular candidates in Presidential: "Unlike Majlis no rejection of popular candidates in Presidential
election, Hadi Khamenei
Mashhad, July 22, IRNA -- Secretary General of Assembly of Political Parties Following Imam Khomeini`s Line Hojatoleslam Seyed Hadi Khamenei said the extensive disqualification took place in the 7th parliamentary election on February 20 should not be repeated in the presidential election.

He made remarks here on Wednesday on the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat-e Fatemeh (AS), the beloved daughter of Prophet Mohammad (SA) at the office of Ayatollah Sanei. He said that the Guardian Council is expected not to bar the popular and national figures from running for president. Hadi Khamenei elaborated on the activities of the assembly saying it is a political formation and will have effective role in the presidential election.

We want to take strides on the direction of pro-reform 2nd Khordad groups and we will back this political camp, he added. No pro-reform hopeful has been introduced so far but 2nd Khordad has many acceptable members to be candidate, he reiterated. Alluding to reform movement supporting candidacy of Mir Hossein Moussavi, Hadi Khamenei called him a person with high capacity who can be effective as chief executive. He said that the assembly as a branch of the reform camp is ready to back Mousavi`s candidacy.

In another development, he pointed to Hashemi Rafsanjani as a person who has made diligent efforts for Islamic Revolution and said his presence in the election as one of the hopefuls can contribute to the presence of the people. "A number of pro-reform groups have found fault with him. We have objection to them. Criticism should be constructive," he said.

Alluding to the future reform in Iran, he said, the reform movement has been initiated by the Islamic Revolution and it is not the issue of the current years. It has been expedited after presidential election of 1997, he said. Iranian nation always call for reforms and they did not exercise turnout in the 7th parliamentary election because of the disqualification of reformist hopefuls, he added. Commenting on the pro-reform extremists, he said that they exist in all political formations.

He said that the pathology study about the reform movement indicated that extremist approach caused difficulty for the reform and
the achievements of the reform movement would be doubled in absence of extremism."


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