Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Turkish P.M.: Turkey And Iran Has Common Position On Terrorism

Turkish P.M.: Turkey And Iran Has Common Position On Terrorism: "Turkish P.M.: Turkey And Iran Has Common Position On Terrorism
Anadolu Agency: 7/28/2004
TEHRAN - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that Turkey and Iran had a common stance as regards the fight against terrorism.

Erdogan held today a press conference at Turkey's Embassy in Tehran and said that both Iran and Turkey had paid heavy costs due to terrorism. ''We don't want to pay more'' he added.

Asked if Iran added PKK/Kongra-Gel to its list of terrorist organizations, Erdogan said that terrorism was high on their agenda and added, ''as you know, Iran has decided to take joint action with us to counter terrorism. And, we will sign a memorandum of understanding on terrorism tomorrow (Thursday) evening.''

Erdogan said that he also discussed Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel-Palestine, and Cyprus issues during his meetings.

When he was recalled that Iran was shown as a common target under the Greater Middle East Initiative and asked if this issue was discussed in his meetings, Erdogan said that Turkey, Italy and Yemen were co-chairmen of this project. Erdogan noted that they would monitor progress in areas such as democracy, liberties, sovereignty and economy in Middle Eastern and North African countries within the scope of the project, and said, ''we will do our best for peace, welfare and happiness of this region.''

Answering if he made clear his views about nuclear weapons, Erdogan said, ''upon our recommendation, (Iraqi First Vice President) Aref declared that they favored to make use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes only and not for making weapons of mass destruction. Moreover, he said that his country had signed an agreement with International Atomic Energy Agency, but this agreement hadn't been approved by their parliament. He also said that they would continue their concerted efforts.''


When recalled about the press reports that ''the United States has some sensitivity about the natural gas issue'', Erdogan said that his government pledged to further improve relations with neighboring countries when it came to the power.

Erdogan said, ''we haven't made any discrimination among Iran, Iraq, Syria, Caucasus, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Syria and Jordan. We will improve our relationship with all these countries, because this is the way of guaranteeing regional peace.''

''Turkey is determined to further improve its relations with neighboring countries and make joint investments with them,'' Erdogan added.

(BRC-ULG) 28.07.2004 "


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