Friday, July 16, 2004

Tehran’s Friday Prayer Sermons: Ayatollah Jannati on Nukes, Iraq, and Saddam - Sensible and Moderate

Jannati Steers Moderate Course

Tehran’s Friday Prayer Sermons
Tehran’s Interim Friday Prayer Leader, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati says the Iranian nation would never give up its right to gain access to peaceful nuclear technology. Addressing worshippers in Tehran Ayatollah Jannati noted; ”Iran is on the verge of reaching self-sufficiency in the field of peaceful nuclear technology and will continue this path up to the end at any cost.” He further described the United States as responsible for the ongoing insecurity in Iraq and stated: ”The US must evacuate Iraq and transfer the administration of the affairs to the Iraqis.” Stressing unity among different Iraqi ethnics, the Guardian Council chief called on the Iraqi people to be careful about the plots of the enemies aimed at creating discord.” Tehran’s Friday prayer leader called deposed Iraqi Dictator, Saddam an internationally recognized criminal and warned the judges of the court against any leniency in his trial.


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