Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sen. Ernest “Fritz” Hollings: Setting the Record Straight on His Mideast Newspaper Column

Setting the Record Straight on His Mideast Newspaper Column: "With 760 dead in Iraq, over 3,000 maimed for life�home folks continue to argue why we are in Iraq�and how to get out. Now everyone knows what was not the cause. Even President Bush acknowledges that Saddam Hussain had nothing to do with 9/11. Listing the 45 countries where al-Qaeda was operating on Sept. 11, the State Department did not list Iraq. They listed 45 countries and at that particular date on Sept. 11, 2001, they did not even list Iraq.
Richard Clarke, in Against All Enemies, tells how the United States had not received any threat of terrorism for 10 years from Saddam at the time of our invasion. On page 231, John McLaughlin of the CIA verifies this to Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. In 1993, President Clinton responded to Saddam's attempt on the life of President George H.W. Bush by putting a missile down on Saddam�s intelligence headquarters in Baghdad. Not a big kill, but Saddam got the message�monkey around with the United States and a missile lands on his head. Of course there were no weapons of mass destruction. Israel's intelligence, Mossad, knows what's going on in Iraq. They are the best. They have to know. Israel's survival depends on knowing. Israel long since would have taken us to the weapons of mass destruction"


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