Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Pakistan treats Armitage with respect

Pakistan Link Headlines: "Pakistan, US to discuss bilateral relations, regional and international

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan and the United States would discuss bilateral relations, regional and international issues of interest including Iraq during the this week visit of American Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Foreign Office spokesman said on Sunday.

Reports said that Mr. Richard Armitage is scheduled to arrive here on July 14th.

The spokesman dismissed a US weekly report as based on assumptions about presence of Osama bin Laden and the deadline to Pakistan for his capture.

To yet another question he said Pakistan would send troops to Iraq only if it deemed it appropriate.

About recent judgment of the International Court of Justice declaring Israeli separation wall as illegal, the spokesman said it is a moral and legal victory for the international community. He urged that Israel should respect and uphold the ruling and dismantle the wall.

Replying a question about the visit of Foreign Minister to Russian Federation, he said the issue of tank acquisition was not discussed. �Pakistan is self-sufficient in tank production�. He, however, said �as we go along, there can be cooperation in the fields of defence and metallurgy�. He hoped that as a result of the successful visit of the Minister, the commercial and trade ties between Pakistan and Russian will further increase.

The spokesman confirmed that Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States is being considered to head the UN Mission in Iraq."


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