Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Middle America: Iran To File Complaint Against MKO

Middle America
Touching on this subject MP Ahmad Pishbin told MNA that the MKO is one of the world’s worst terrorist groups supported by Saddam’s former regime. Pishbin pointed out that this court is an opportunity for the investigation of the group’s crimes.

The Iraqi court is focusing on crimes against humanity committed by Saddam so it should not be forgotten that during Saddam’s regime Iraq was a base for the MKO, Pishbin stressed.

Majlis deputy from Neyshabur Hussein Sobhaninia also said that one of the Saddam’s biggest crimes was harboring MKO members and using them to massacre defenseless Iranian civilians.

Sobhaninia believes this heinous crime must be a priority for the Judiciary among the charges in its indictment against the former dictator.

Iran is not hopeful about being heard at the court being held in Iraq, therefore the judiciary is attempting to establish a legal court solely regarding Iranian issues, he explained.


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