Saturday, July 03, 2004

Makhmalbaf Family to show 8 Films at Delhi film fest

Iran legend, Asias best in Delhi film fest - bollywood news : "The curtain is set to rise on a new edition of the world's only film festival dedicated to Asian cinema.
The Osian Cinefan film festival begins in the capital July 16 with a bouquet of 90 of the best films from the region.

'There are three power centres of cinema in the world today -- Europe, America and Asia,' said Aruna Vasudev, head of the festival and editor of the Asian cinema quarterly magazine Cinemaya.

The festival this year has a very special segment of films from Iran's Makhmalbaf family, headed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf who started the cinema revolution in Iran and is now a global legend.

Makhmalbaf will be in Delhi with his wife and three children for the festival.

'The presence of the Makhmalbaf family at the festival is a fantastic achievement for us. That family has revolutionised cinema in the world and we are truly honoured to have them with us,' Vasudev, often called the Grand Lady of Asian Cinema, told IANS.

Eight films made by each of the family members would be shown at the festival. "


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