Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Just one man with what it takes to run the CIA: Richard Armitage

Middle America: CIA as political football: "major candidate for the job, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, would be the most easily confirmed, according to most observers, but his close friendship with his boss, Secretary of State Colin Powell, as well as his reputation as a realist, makes him unacceptable to the neo-cons and other hawks around Cheney and Rumsfeld, who vetoed his appointment as deputy defense secretary early in the administration precisely because they thought he was too close to Powell.

Armitage, one of the original 'Vulcans' who advised Bush during his 2000 presidential campaign and served in a senior Pentagon position under Reagan, has generally been to the right of Powell - he has signed a number of PNAC statements, for example - but has also shown, quite openly, contempt for armchair hawks, particularly many of the neo-conservatives who have not served in the military. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Armitage is a combat veteran who participated in covert operations in Vietnam. "


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