Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - Iraqi Tribes Ask for MKO's Expulsion - Iraqi Tribes Ask for MKO's Expulsion: "Iraqi Tribes Ask for MKO's Expulsion

Mehr News Agency
The heads of Iraqi tribes and political organizations issued a statement in which called MKO a terrorist organization and asked for its expulsion from Iraq.

According to Mehr News, Iraqi tribes leaders and some political officials asked for expulsion of MKO from Iraq since this group supported former Iraqi regime and took part in suppression of Kurds and Shiites' uprising in 1991.

They have condemned activities of this international murderous terrorist group and asked for its expulsion, because Mojahedin are the symbol of terrorism, activity against Islam and Satanic-designed.

It's been emphasized in the statement that Mojahedin is still continuing its terrorist and anti-Islamic activities in Iraq."


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