Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Iran warns U.S. against attacking it - (United Press International)

Iran warns U.S. against attacking it - (United Press International): "Iran warns U.S. against attacking it

Tehran, Iran, Jul. 14 (UPI) -- The secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Hassan Rohani, warned the United States Wednesday against repeating its Iraq adventure in Iran.

"If they want to confront Iran, they will have to face 70 million Iranians," Rohani said in an interview with the London-based Arabic daily al-Hayat.

He explained that the situation in Iran is different from what it was in Iraq before the invasion by U.S.-led coalition forces in March last year.

"No one can compare between the two because the former Iraqi regime had produced weapons of mass destruction which it used against its own people and neighbors and invaded neighboring countries, ignoring the will of the international community," Rohani said.

He argued that in the past 25 years, since the Islamic revolution in Iran toppled the Shah's regime, Iran had proved that it was not seeking war or weapons of mass destruction.

"The Americans know very well that the conditions in Iran are totally different from what they were in Iraq ... There, a dictatorial regime hated by its people was in power, while in Iran there is a popular government which will be defended by 70 million Iranians," he added."


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