Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Iran, Tajikistan sign MoU on security, illicit drugs

Iran, Tajikistan sign MoU on security, illicit drugs: "Iran, Tajikistan sign MoU on security, illicit drugs

Tehran, July 20, IRNA -- Minister of Interior Abdolvahed Moussavi Lari and his Tajik counterpart Khumdin Sharipov signed a memorandum of understanding here Monday. The MoU stipulates for the two nations to cooperate in control of illicit drug smuggling, border security, organized crime, and human trafficking. It also envisions three committees of ministers, as well as security affairs experts in various fields to coordinate and implement the provisions of the agreement.

Also, the two ministers decided to consult the Afghan interior minister on drafting a trilateral document on combating illicit drugs and goods trafficking among Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The two states cooperation has reached a satisfactory level and the exchange of visits by the two nations officials is a token of such cordial ties, Lari stated.

Drug trafficking was among the main issues that was dealt with the Tajik interior minister and Iran is hopeful that with the signing of the trilateral agreement to combat drug trafficking and border control, such cooperation will be strengthened in the future, the Iranian interior minister added.

The two nation`s economic cooperation is also at a good level Lari
said adding "Iran`s private sector has a good presence in Tajikistan`s
economy." Iran and Tajikistan have broadened cooperation in various areas and signed a memorandum of understanding on mutual economic and trade
In a meeting in June, Iran`s Minister of Commerce Mohammad Shariatmadari and his Tajik counterpart Hakim Soliyev were signatories to the MoU, under which the two sides will cooperate in the fields of trade, insurance, tourism and industry. Under the deal, Iran and Tajikistan will cooperate in their free trade zones, set up commercial centers, form joint chamber of commerce, and establish hydroelectric power plants. They are also to cooperate in light industries, mineral exploitation as well as in construction of plants for production of aluminum, plastics, construction materials, wires, cables and leather. Iran is also financing full implementation of a project for construction of Anzab tunnel in Tajikistan. They further plan to exchange commercial delegations, launch joint investment, set up fairs and seminars as well as trade centers and
joint firms."


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