Friday, July 02, 2004

Iran: A land of history and rich culture

Gulf Daily News: "A land of history and rich culture

Iran, a land with more than 2,500 years of rich culture and history, is a living museum with its pre-Islamic monuments, great palaces, historical mosques, churches, ancient fire temples, vast mountain ranges and two vast deserts.
With all this in mind, I was set to make my first visit to the mainland of Iran and spend at least two weeks exploring and travelling from city to city.
Doubts arose from friends, colleagues and family about the wisdom of making the trip, but I wanted to prove them all wrong.
Armed with my Lonely Planet guidebook and useful information from the Concise Encyclopaedia of Islam I was all set.
A 21-day visa was secured after spending 72 hours on the Free Trade Zone Island of Kish by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a cost of $78 (BD29.5)."


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