Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Iran exports over $2b worth of basic polymers this year

: "Iran exports over $2b worth of basic polymers this year

London, July 6 (IranMania) - According to a report from Mehr News Agency (MNA) it is predicted that in the current Iranian calendar year 1383 (March 20, 2004- March 19, 2005) more than $2 billion worth of base polymers will be exported.

An Oil Ministry planning officer told Mehr News Agency that currently a large portion of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of products are exported in the form of unrefined material.

Touching on exports of polymers Ali Akbar Torkan said that polymers count for a huge part of exported petrochemical products, valued at $500 per ton in export markets.

He stressed the need for the development of downstream petrochemical industries explaining that the export of petrochemical products in the form of value added commodities would earn the country more revenue. He urges the Mines and Industries Ministry to take the preliminary steps to develop downstream petrochemical industries.

Torkan explained simply in its unrefined petrochemical product form, polymer fetches $400 per ton compared to the $4000 per ton value it has when polymers are turned into industrial plastic."


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