Saturday, July 10, 2004

Iran can dispatch manpower to Europe

Iran can dispatch manpower to Europe: "Iran can dispatch manpower to Europe
Tehran, July 10, IRNA -- Director General of the Bureau for Promotion of Overseas Employment Pirouz Sa'adati here Saturday said that since the majority of the population in European states are elderly and foreigners account for 39 percent of their manpower, Iranian manpower can also be dispatched to the continent.
Speaking to reporters at the first conference on organizing and administering international employment bureaus, he added that dispatch of Iranian manpower to Europe is one way of tackling unemployment.
'Besides the manpower can attain expertise and skills by working in other countries and transfer them to Iran once they return home.
'Iran has had some labor exchanges with the southeast Asian and European states in recent years and has even signed memoranda of understanding (MoU) with some countries,' he added. "


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