Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Iran at the Opening of Moustar Bridge in Bosnia

Mohammad Ali Abtahi: "Opening Moustar Bridge

The following text was sent by Mr. Safdar Hosseini, the minister of economy and finance to Webnevesth.

Last week we were informed that the famous Moustar Bridge in Bosnia which was destroyed during the Bosnia war is supposed to be reopened after being repaired. And they assume it as a symbol of dialogue among civilizations. President Khatami was invited to participate in this ceremony and be their honored guest as the architecture of dialogue among civilizations. He was unable to make this trip and I did it as the president of joint commission of Iran and Bosnia.

It was a vast ceremony. There Bosnian president mentioned President Khatami officially as the person who has started talking about the idea of dialogue among civilizations in the world and that this bridge is a good sign for the dialogue among civilizations.

When the ceremony was ended, a glorious celebration was held. One of the important characteristics of this celebration was the presence of different people from diverse dresses of different countries who were presenting some arts there. This joint presence of dresses was a sign of joint presence of cultures.
I was proud of myself that the president of Iran has such a message and this idea is considered this big and important in the world. But in the news given in Iran the only thing which was not mentioned were the issue of dialogue among civilizations and the role of president Khatami.

Since I found your writing on the ceremony of dialogue among civilizations in Kazakhstan, I also dropped a few lines for the readers of webnevesht.

But unfortunately I didn?t have a digital camera mobile like you to take some nice photos for webnevesht."


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