Sunday, July 18, 2004

Grand Ayatollahs Praise New Majlis

Description of Selected News: "New Majlis Performance Has Been Satisfactory: Top Cleric

Tehran Times Political Desk
TEHRAN (MNA) –- Majlis speaker Gholam-Reza Haddad Adel along with other members of the Majlis Presiding Board visited some Grand Ayatollahs in Qom on Friday.

The visit between the Majlis Deputies and the sources of emulation is a concerted plan since in the Islamic sources of emulation cooperate with officials, the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) reported Makarem Shirazi as saying.

Shirazi went on to say that cultural issues are the most pressing societal problem with enemies attempting to thrust their culture upon Iran. He added that Hijab (the Islamic dress code), as the symbol of religiousness is being downplayed by the enemies who believe its devaluation will give rise to declining religious principles enabling the enemies to intensify their dominance.

He noted that so far the performance of the new Majlis has been good; citing cooperation between all ministries and levels of government as exemplary. However, he went on to say that financial pressures are a concern to people and the Majlis should seriously attempt to resolve this problem.

Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani said that the best and firmest laws are those based on Islamic principles that consider the needs of citizens from all walks of life. The Majlis should keep this issue in mind to improve its performance as well as to increase national satisfaction.

He worries about the high cost of living expenses and asked officials to sincerely follow up the issue.

Ayatollah Nuri Hamedani said that people expect their deputies to address their needs, adding the most important national concerns are unemployment and high expenses and the deputies must find solutions to these problems. Hamedani praised the Seventh Majlis MPs’ refusal of all benefits and benefits offered to them as part of their official trappings, hoping that this would be a permanent trend.

The Majlis speaker anticipated that this visit will enhance relations between the Majlis and the sources of emulation, adding the visit reflected the viewpoints of the Seventh Majlis.

Hadad Adel added that the Majlis is aware of the cultural problems, but this issue must be handled delicately because many would interpret resistance against a cultural invasion as a crackdown on personal freedom.

Majlis deputy chairman Hasan Abu Torabi agreed that there are problems in cultural areas. He believes that to counter this problem the sources of emulation must provide guidance, and police forces must take more responsibility in this area.


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