Sunday, July 18, 2004

Giant Mushroom Found In East Azerbaijan

Description of Selected News: "Mushroom Weighing 6.5kg Found In East Azerbaijan

Tehran Times Agriculture Desk
TAKAB, East Azerbaijan Prov. (MNA) �- An enormous edible mushroom found in the heights of Arabshah village located in the East Azerbaijan Province was sold for Rls 200,000 in market, news reports said Saturday.
Abundance of the precipitations in the grass-covered mountains in the Arabshah region near Takab is said to have contributed to the growth of the mammoth mushroom, the Iranian Students� News Agency (ISNA) reported.
The mushroom weighing 6.5kgs was found by a local rustic in the mid July. Villagers maintain that they have never seen such a huge mushroom grow in the region. However, there have been reports on finding mushroom weighing 5kgs before this."


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