Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Fox News is Partisan for Bush

Yahoo! News - Documentary Aims to Show Bias on Fox News: "When former White House terrorism coordinator Richard Clarke testified before the 9-11 commission, he apologized to the American people for the government's failure to protect them.
The film displays a flurry of Fox pundits blasting Clarke, often in similar terms. 'It was almost like Fox News was working off of the playbook coming out of the White House, that he had to be torn down,' FAIR co-founder Jeff Cohen says in the film.
Fox host Bill O'Reilly is seen on his show insisting he has told a guest to shut up 'only once in six years,' after which he is seen in clips telling one person after another with whom he disagrees to 'shut up.'
The documentary also includes a rapid-fire succession of clips of more than a dozen Fox hosts using the phrase 'some people say' ? which the filmmakers say is a way to insinuate opinion disguised as reporting into on-air discussions.

'There's no smoking gun,' Greenwald admitted in explaining what his film set out to reveal ? 'just a pattern.' "


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