Thursday, July 22, 2004

English Radio: Kharrazi: EU should Concede Iran�s Role in Middle East

English Radio: "Kharrazi: EU should Concede Iran�s Role in Middle East
Top Iranian Diplomat, Kamal Kharrazi urged on deep relations with the European Union Wednesday night. Upon arrival from a tour to Egypt, attending a conference formed by Iraq�s neighboring states, Kharrazi said, referring to his talks with European Union Foreign Relations Chief Javier Solana, that despite sheer ups and downs in the EU-Iran relations, Tehran has always emphasized on broadening of ties between the two sides. Iranian foreign minister said Islamic Republic of Iran is to ensure about the both sides� interests, although the European Union has indicated laxity in fulfilling its responsibilities towards Iran. Kharrazi had told Solana during the negotiations, �If the European Union desires an extensive relation with Islamic Republic of Iran, it should concede to Tehran�s sensitive role in maintaining the region�s peace and stability. "


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