Tuesday, July 13, 2004

English Radio: FBI Failed to Pass Australia Vital Information before Bali Bombing

English Radio: "FBI Failed to Pass Australia Vital Information before Bali
Australia is facing new charges about communication failures involving its spy services after a report that the US FBI did not alert them to a terrorist threat in Indonesia prior to the Bali bombings. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had been told by an al-Qaeda suspect about imminent attacks on Westerners in the region a month before the Bali bombings claimed 202 lives in October 2002. ABC television reported late Monday that in a written statement to its Lateline program, the FBI had admitted the information was given only to countries deemed to be at risk of attack and that there was no indication of a specific threat to Australia. Dennis Richardson, the Head of the Domestic Spy Service ASIO, recently told a Senate committee that Canberra was not informed of the comments made by a Bali-linked terrorist, until after Bali blast. This is while Australian National University academic and terrorism expert Clive Williams said the information could have been useful for the Australian government. The Labor opposition's foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd said Tuesday it was incomprehensible that such information was not passed to Australia. Rudd said 'If four or five months before the Bali bombings the American intelligence agencies decide not to hand the Australian government a report of this level of sensitivity, then what on earth is going on.' "


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