Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Description of Selected News

Description of Selected News: "Iran Seizes Two Qatar Boats In Persian Gulf

TEHRAN (Reuters) -- Iran's navy has seized two Qatari launches that strayed into its waters, the Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.
The launches were intercepted within Iranian waters and escorted to shore, a ministry official told Reuters. He gave no further details.
The action was the latest in a string of similar incidents involving Iran and its Persian Gulf neighbors, the most controversial of which was Iran's capture last month of three British naval vessels operating out of Iraq and their eight crew.
The eight British naval personnel were held for three days after their craft were seized in the narrow Arvand-Rud waterway that separates southwestern Iran from Iraq.
British officials later accused Iran of forcing the British boats -- which have yet to be returned -- into Iranian waters, a charge Tehran denied.
Iranian officials have said an Iranian was killed in June when the Qatar navy opened fired on his fishing boat."


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