Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Daily Times - Site Edition

Daily Times - Site Edition: "Lashkars to stake out wanted men�s homes
* Tribal jirga inconclusive over foreign militants

Staff Report

WANA: The search for two wanted tribesmen in South Waziristan Agency has met with little success as a tribal lashkar will now guard their houses to arrest them if they visit family.

A tribal elder told Daily Times that a 60-man lashkar each will stay at Maulvi Abbas and Muhammad Javed�s homes, both men wanted by the government for terrorism. They will be arrested if they try to meet their families.

The political administration set a July 10 deadline for the surrender of the two men, warning that partial lifting of sanctions could be withdrawn if no progress was made by Saturday.

Meanwhile, a 30-member delegation from Shakai will leave Wana for Peshawar on Wednesday to meet NWFP Governor Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah. The meeting follows Monday�s agreement with the government by four tribes in Shakai to fight foreigners and support the government. Former federal minister Faridullah Khan, who helped broker the agreement and the surrender of wanted men Eda Khan and Dilwar Khan, will lead the delegation. Official sources said that the governor might announce a special development package for Shakai after the tribes agreement to support the government against foreigners linked to Qaeda.

Online adds: A tribal jirga called by the Ahmadzai Wazir tribe on the issue of foreign militants hiding in Southern Waziristan has concluded here without results, dividing the tribe into anti and pro government groups.

The jirga was held on Tuesday in Soorpul, Rustam Bazaar. The deadline set by the government for the surrender of foreign militants holed up in the area was discussed at the jirga.

However tribesmen from Beer Mal including Malik Hashim, Sarwar Masti Kh"


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