Thursday, July 22, 2004 Iran FM: Presence of foreign forces - source of attacks in Iraq Iran FM: Presence of foreign forces - source of attacks in Iraq: "Iran FM: Presence of foreign forces - source of attacks in Iraq
22-07-2004, 10:13

Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said on Thursday that the presence of foreign forces in Iraq is the excuse for continuity of attacks in that country. He made this remark upon his arrival at Mehrabad airport, following his attendance in 6th round of Ministerial Conference of Iraq's Neighbors in Cairo.

"Due to the ongoing critical developments in Iraq, the neighbouring states can contribute to Iraqi transitional government on establishment of security and removing the obstacle of the country and holding democratic elections in Iraq".

The ministers issued a statement at the end of the meeting voicing their concern over delicate political condition of Iraq. The statement called for non-interference in Iraqi internal affairs and the key role of UN in protection of Iraqi national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The ministers described transferring power to Iraqi transitional government as a step forward to establish democracy and paving the way for democratic election in January 2005. Foreign ministers of Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Syria and Egypt participated in the conference.

Meanwhile, Kharrazi alluded to his negotiations with EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana on consolidation of ties between Iran and the EU, IRNA quoted him as saying.

In the negotiations with Solana, Iran made it clear that the EU did not respect its undertakings consistent with Tehran Declaration signed on October 21, 2003 or has adopted double standard toward its commitment, Kharrazi added. "If the EU is interested in extensive relations with the Islamic republic of Iran as a key player in establishment of peace and security in the region, it should refrain from double standard and stand firmly committed to its undertakings," the minister conveyed."


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