Saturday, June 26, 2004

UN envoyappreciates Iran`s campaign against drug trafficking

UN envoyappreciates Iran`s campaign against drug trafficking: "Tehran, June 28, IRNA -- Head of the UN Office for Drugs and Crime in Tehran Roberto Albertino said considering the increased cultivation and production of narcotics in Afghanistan, Iran`s campaign against drug trafficking and prevention of drug transit through the country is very important for the world community.

In a ceremony for burning around 50 tons of different types of narcotics in Tehran, Albertino said,'I think the world community is
aware of Iran`s efforts against drug trafficking and transit'. He added the world community will do its best to cooperate more
with Tehran.

Head of UN Office for Drugs and Crime in Tehran said around 25 percent of total opium of the world is detected and confiscated in
Iran and this is so valuable for international community. Albertino, then, read the message of head of the UN office to
hundreds of participants in the ceremony. The message was on the occasion of June 26,' The International Day
Against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking', and the slogan of the year declared as:' Addiction, treatment and effective ways'.
In a part of the message the number of the drug addicts in the world is estimated around 185 million adding that the rehabilitation
expenses are much less than imprisonment costs.

Head of the UN office for drug and crime in his message said, ' Prevention is the best way for campaign against drug abuses and
emphasizes that drug addicts need special attention and help for quitting the habit fast'. "


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