Monday, June 14, 2004

Torture Incorporated: Oliver North Joins the Party : Indymedia Colombia

Torture Incorporated: Oliver North Joins the Party : Indymedia Colombia: "On January 12, 2004, United Placements ran an advertisement for Army Interrogators.
�Job State: IRAQ, Job Number: 8. Interrogators: 30 Positions. Compensation to $120,000. Individuals must be trained Interrogators with at least five years of experience in interrogation. Individuals must be knowledgeable of Army/Joint interrogation procedures, data processing systems such as CHIMs and SIPRNET search engines. Knowledge of the Arabic language and culture a plus�Candidates must have documented in their resumes five years of Humint collection and/or interrogation experience. This is a requirement of the client. Some locations require individuals to work and live in a field environment with minimum medical facilities. Must possess the ability to work extended work hours in difficult surroundings for up to one year.�

United Placements� lists none other than Oliver North--a member of Ronald Reagan�s NSC and focal point of the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980�s�as one of its two �Industry Associates.� North is currently the host of Fox News Channel�s �War Stories.� United Placement�s second �Industry Associate� is run by former intelligence analyst Bill Goldman. "


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