Sunday, June 27, 2004

Tabriz was once the center of culture and Islamic civilization

Description of Selected News: "Tabriz Was Once Heart of Culture, Islamic Civilization: British Researcher

Tehran Times Culture Desk
TEHRAN (MNA) - A British researcher says the city of Tabriz was once the center of culture and Islamic civilization.
Talking to reporters, Professor Leonard Lewison said the Azerbaijan region and the city of Tabriz during the Mongol era, until the Safavid dynasty gained suzerainty, was the center of Irano-Islamic civilization.
Participating in the commemoration ceremony of Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari in Tabriz, Lewison described citizen involvement in honoring this renowned mystic as lively and admirable. He said their participation demonstrated they were curious about their past magnificent culture.
Lewison described Shabestari�s The Mystic Rose Garden as masterfully written as other literary and Islamic philosophical works written by Hafiz, Rumi or Eraqi within the realm of Persian literature. 'The Mystic Rose Garden' is the best and smallest poetic work about mysticism; Lewison noted the book was a reliable source for the mystics even after the elapse of many years."


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