Saturday, June 26, 2004

Reuters AlertNet - USA and UK flood Afghan drugs into Iran

Reuters AlertNet - CORRECTED - Iran police blame USA, UK for flow of Afghan drugs: "Abuee said the fundamentalist Taliban were long blamed for producing the lion's share of world narcotics, but said the interim Afghan government and U.S. and British forces had done little to address the problem.
Iran has built chains of walls and forts across its porous eastern borders but smugglers have gone back to old ways, taking drugs through mountain passes by rucksack and camel.
'Only 10 percent of poppy farms have been destroyed and of what remains, 4,100 tonnes of opium will be produced this season,' Abuee added.
Many Afghan farmers felled their citrus groves to turn to the more lucrative crop.
Some 3,300 Iranian servicemen have died in battles with traffickers since the 1979 Islamic revolution."


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