Sunday, June 13, 2004

Reuters AlertNet - Qatar Navy Murders Iranian Fisherman

Reuters AlertNet - Iran objects to Qatar over fisherman slain in Gulf

TEHRAN, June 13 (Reuters) - Iran's Foreign Ministry has summoned Qatar's ambassador to protest at the killing of an Iranian fisherman in a dispute with Qatar's navy, a senior official said on Sunday.

Iran asked the envoy to explain the shooting in the early hours of Friday morning. Two other fishermen were hurt and the Islamic Republic demanded the return of two confiscated Iranian fishing boats along with their detained crews.

Iranian Deputy Interior Minister Ali Asghar Ahmadi told state television the boats received a warning that they had strayed into Qatari waters.

"After negotiations ... the boats were about to leave the area when the Qatari navy shot at them thinking they were escaping, killing one sailor and injuring two," he said.

Ahmadi said the fishermen had not left Iran's waters.


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