Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - More tall tales and crazy stories from Paul Wolfowitz - National News:

More tall tales and crazy stories from Paul Wolfowitz. Here we see Wolfowitz making the trek from the Pentagon across the river to Capitol hill to spin more yarns. One would think if Wolfowitz had any integrity that after the WMD Fiasco Wolfowitz would stick to the facts. His scud missile launchers turned out to be round Iraqi chicken Coops. Now he is claiming an elderly Palestinian bomb maker has come out of retirement to attack the US. Either way so what, but if Wolfowitz has proof it is time to show it rather than more of his wild stories. Why does Wolfowitz tell these yarns, I have to assume he was told to by the people he really works for. Wolfowitz is often accused of Dual Loyalty but it is hard to detect any loyalty at all to the USA. If Bush wants a second term it is time for Wolfowitz to go. JBOC

"Wolfowitz alleges that notorious Palestinian is making bombs designed to kill Americans, but other officials say there is no evidence

By Knut Royce
Washington Bureau
June 30, 2004

WASHINGTON -- Early in his testimony on Tuesday of last week before a House panel, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz alleged that a long-retired terrorist was killing Americans in Iraq.

He told members of the House Armed Services Committee that a notorious Palestinian terrorist, Abu Ibrahim, was inside Iraq 'making bombs today to kill Americans.' The startling disclosure, designed to remind the lawmakers of Saddam Hussein's 'killer regime that work(ed) with killers of various kinds' elicited no reaction from the lawmakers, some of whom were still in college when Ibrahim was last known to have made bombs.

When he appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Friday, Wolfowitz repeated his charges.

Earlier this year he said, 'Coalition forces conducted a raid in the vicinity of Mosul that disrupted a bomb-making shop that is attributed to his work.' Still, there was no reaction from the senators.

There was, however, puzzled reaction from an administration official familiar with current intelligence on Ibrahim, a legendary 68-year-old terrorist who specialized in concealing bombs inside luggage in the late 1970s and early 1980s."


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