Thursday, June 24, 2004

The New York Times > Wolfie's never embarrassed

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Attack of the Wolfman: "But instead of admitting he got the Saddam threat wrong, Mr. Wolfowitz lectured Americans not to be impatient. Referring to our foes, he said, 'The more they sense that we're impatient . . . the more car bombs there will be.' He seems to imply that we're complicit in killing our soldiers if we don't sanguinely go along with the Bush administration's delusions.
'The notion that this was `a war of choice,' that we could sit there and live with the Middle East status quo after Sept. 11, I think is wrong,' he said.
Once again, Mr. Wolfowitz conflates 9/11 and Iraq. Instead of finishing off Osama in Afghanistan, the neocons dragged us into an Iraq adventure, which has ended up destabilizing the Middle East. So much for the 'status quo.'
At least Colin Powell has the decency to be embarrassed about the State Department's preposterous initial understatement of terror incidents.
Wolfie's never embarrassed, even as he continues to spin his version of the truth about why we went to Iraq, how we're doing there and when we'll be able to leave. The man is quite a talented propagandist ? Michael Moore without the laughs. "


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