Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Marine Gen. Zinni makes harsh charges against Wolfowitz and Feith

Bad News for the Americanized: "Zinni, a retired general, accused George Bush's administration of launching a war against Iraq in order to help Israel; he accused the top civilian officials in the Pentagon of abject failure. He said that it was time to change the prevailing situation or at least specify who would take responsibility for what is happening - specifically the Jewish officials in the Defense Department, Paul Wolfowitz, his assistant, Douglas Feith and the neoconservatives, who according to Zinni, have hijacked America's foreign policy. He went on to say that these individuals saw in the Iraqi invasion an easy means of controlling the situation in the Middle East and helping Israel. 'They went so far as to create intelligence information that served their aims and interests. They must bear the responsibility.' "


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