Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mar'ashi Saves Isfahan Skyline

Council Votes to Trim Down Troublesome Tower in Isfahan:

VP Mar'ashi has ushered in a new era of activism for Irans Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. This speakes well for the future of Iran. Since President Khatami cannot run again who better to serve Iran than Mar'ashi?

"Council Votes to Trim Down Troublesome Tower in Isfahan
The technical council of Irans Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (CHTO) in its today?s session approved plans to decrease the height of a towering concrete building that overlooks Isfahan?s historical Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency reported on Sunday.

The 48-meter-tall building is being constructed just 720 meters away from the site, endangering its magnificent skyline, but the council voted for plans to reduce its imposing height by half.

Last year heritage experts softened their instance to trim down 30 meters from Jahan-nama Tower, given the social, political, security and investment considerations and asked for just a 24-meter decrease, said Mohammad Hassan Mohebali, member of the technical body. It was decided that the height of the tower would be reduced from the back facade more than other sides.
Earlier Junko Taniguchi, cultural expert with UNSECO' regional offices in Iran, almost ruled out Isfahan's chance of being inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger during the upcoming session of the World Heritage Committee in Suzhou, China. "


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