Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Kazakh University Dean Praises Mar’ashi

Description of Selected News:
"TEHRAN (MNA) -- Dean of Philosophy at Kazakhstan University Arif Allah Bayev praised Ayatollah Mar?ashi Najafi, the renowned Islamic philosopher, scholar, and researcher. Visiting Ayatollah Mar?ashi?s library in Qom for the second time, Bayev said, ?I was really overawed by the great works of Ayatollah Mar?ashi. He is an example to all other researchers in the world.?
Professor Bayev said that the invaluable Ayatollah Mar?ashi complex could be seen as a bridge between Iran and Kazakhstan toward boosting their cultural ties.
Aynesh Sulat Besh-Qiz, a philosophy professor at the Eurasia University, Astana, Kazakhstan, also, honored Ayatollah Mar?ashi and praised Iran for its efforts that focused on its history and culture."


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