Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Israel News : Jerusalem Post Report: Kurds deny Mossad active against Iran

Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition: "Report: Kurds deny Mossad active against Iran

An Iraqi Kurdish leader denied Tuesday reports that Israeli military and Mossad teams are operating in the Kurdish zones of northern Iraq.
Jalal Talabani told the Turkish news agency Anatolia that the reports were 'total fabrications.'
The New Yorker published the initial story by Seymour Hersh quoting Israeli security sources as saying Israeli officers were training Kurdish commandos in northern Iraq. His report also claimed Israeli spies had entered parts of Iran to spy on its nuclear installations and was using its agents to spy on Syria, as well. Hersh's report was also confirmed by an unnamed US intelligence officer.
The report said Israel wants Kurdish troops to be trained to offset the booming influence of Iraq's Shia militia groups. "


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