Saturday, June 26, 2004

Iranian Youth Executed by Canadian Police


First Canada seeks to limit People's right to Worship God and now they are gunning down children in th streets. JBOC

"TEHRAN, June 25 (AFP) - Iran's foreign minister has called his Canadian counterpart with a renewed complaint over the acquittal in British Columbia of a policeman who shot and killed an Iranian-Canadian teenager last year, the official news agency IRNA reported.

'Unfortunately the Canadian government, which claims to support human rights, gave no information on the case to the family of Kevyan Tabesh and the Iranian government, and violated citizenship rights,' Kamal Kharazi was quoted as telling Bill Graham in a phone conversation.

'The Iranian government will follow up the case to restore the rights of Tabesh,' Kharazi warned, without elaborating.The police in British Columbia conducted an investigation that concluded earlier this month that the policeman surprised Tabesh, 18, as he was
vandalizing a car in Port Moody, a suburb of Vancouver, on July 14, 2003."


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