Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - Mojahedin Revenge on Chalabi - Mojahedin Revenge on Chalabi: "Mojahedin Revenge on Chalabi


As the accusation waves of US against Chalabi heighten, this question comes to mind that 'what is US's source about transferring intelligence to Iran?' a newspaper discovered that CIA got its information from Mojahedin-e khalq. This organization has claimed that Chalabi has been involved in giving US's intelligence to Iran and that he has put Americans in Iraq at risk. This organization has also given to Americans the names of some Iranians who work for Iran beside Chalabi.

In a report published in Al-Siaseh, published in Kuwait, it has been said that raiding Chalabi's home and office in Baghdad was conducted under the supervision of CIA and that FBI agents and some security and police forces, as well as some spy agents of MKO, were involved in the raid. It continues to say that Paul Bremer was not aware of this operation.

The report ads that Mojahedin want to revenge on Chalabi, who gave to Americans information on MKO's long cooperation with former intelligence service of Iraq. Due to the information of Chalabi, CIA and US officials were forced to disarm MKO and keep them in a camp.

According to the newspaper and to MKO's propaganda sect


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