Monday, June 07, 2004

Iran signs deal for Zinc Ore Plant

Gulf Daily News: "Iran signs deal

TEHRAN: Iran signed a $202.6 million contract yesterday to build the country's largest zinc ore plant, hoping to increase production capacity of the metal by 75 per cent in four years. The new plant will be built near Anguran zinc and lead mines in the northwest province of Zanjan and is forecast to produce 100,000 tonnes of zinc ore per year. Iranian contractors will form a consortium with Switzerland's ABB, Finland's Outokumpu and Spain's TAIM-TFG.
The country's current largest zinc plant, Bafq zinc smelter in central Iran, has a capacity of 30,000 tonnes of ore per year. Another smelter on the Gulf island of Qeshm produces 20,000 tonnes per annum."


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